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"Valued customers, effective 15/9/2011 applicable 6% service tax will be charged on purchases of prepaid reloads & starter packs. Info : www.celcom.com.my"

....ini lah sms yang pertama aku dapat pada hari ini.. Compem dah ..tapi yang aku heran kenapa berita yang aku dengar kat radio pagi ni, dia pemberita tu bagi tahu yang benda ni akan dibincang kan sama ada syarikat telecommunication atau pelangan yang akan dikenakan tex maksudnya belom compem la...tapi lain pulak SMS yang aku terima pada 11:22:04 am 11/09/2011. Apa maksud semua ini sapa yang betuil sbenarnya....alahai negaraku.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is service tax?
  • Service tax is a consumption tax and chargeable to the customer, as provided for in the service tax laws.
  • The service tax laws require the telecommunication companies to levy service tax at the prevailing rate on telecommunication services, including prepaid reload and starter packs.
  • However, the telcos have been absorbing the service tax since the introduction of the prepaid services in 1998.
  • Effective 15 September 2011, the telcos will be charging customers service tax for purchases of prepaid reloads and starter packs.
  • With effect from 1January 2011, service tax rate is 6%. Prior to 1 January 2011, service tax rate was 5%.

2. Why are you charging this tax now after absorbing it all these years?
  • In accordance to the service tax laws, prepaid reloads and starter packs will be charged with applicable service tax. This is similar to the service tax levied on food and beverage purchases from restaurants and hotels, for example.
  • Prepaid service is the only service whereby the service tax has been absorbed by the telcos, not by the customer.
  • Prepaid call and SMS charges were more expensive then and have progressively dropped over the years. For example, customers used to pay RM0.60 per minute when the service was first introduced but today it is as low as RM0.12 per minute. As for SMS, it has dropped from RM0.20 to as low as RM0.01 and MMS was previously RM0.50 and now it is as low as RM0.10.
  • In addition, customers now enjoy various promotions such as free airtime and bonus credits amongst others as part of the benefit of being a prepaid customer.

3. How much will I pay now with the service tax?
The 6% service tax will be charged on top of the prepaid reload and starter pack at point of sale for every purchase.

For example, when you purchase RM10 prepaid reload, you need to pay RM10.60 and will get prepaid credit of RM10. The 60sen is the service tax.

The service tax will be remitted to the Government.

4. Will service tax be charged on starter packs and every mobile prepaid reload channels; i.e. epay, etc?
Yes, starter packs and reloads will be charged the 6% service tax effective 15 September 2011 regardless of channels.

5.Will I still be able to reload at all the mobile prepaid reload channels?
Yes, exept for any reloads via:
  • ATMs
  • Online/Internet banking
  • Cash deposit machines
  • Electronic payment kiosks
until further notice.

6.Does this charge apply to prepaid broadband?
Current service tax laws require telcos to levy service tax on prepaid upon sale. As actual utilization of reload cannot be ascertained at the point of sale, total reload / starter pack price will be subject to service tax.

Nevertheless, customers now enjoy various promotions such as free airtime and bonus credits amongst others as part of the benefit for being a prepaid customer.


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